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A couple of years ago, I started an at home business. Since launching this exciting venture, I’ve enjoyed success. I love being able to get out of bed and immediately head to my home office in order to start my work day. Sometimes, I even work while wearing my pajamas. When I need to complete some work, I must have an internet connection. Whenever my connection unexpectedly goes down, I can’t communicate with clients or meet their deadlines. Thankfully, whenever I have a problem with my internet connection, I can reach the customer service department of my internet service provider quickly. They are always kind and willing to help me in whatever capacity they can. On this blog, you will discover the importance of securing an internet service provider with a helpful customer service staff.


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Fixing the Problem Quickly

Getting Better Value from Your Internet Service

by Arttu Salmi

No matter your service level or provider, it's possible to improve the value of your internet service. Going about it may require a bit of investigation on your part, and possibly a few calls to your Internet service provider's customer service to get answers, but in the end it will be worth it. If your internet service plays a major role in your life, either for work, education, or entertainment, you owe it to yourself to seek out ways to improve the value of the service you're getting.

Cutting Costs

Keeping the same level of service at a lower price point is an ideal solution, regardless of how you look at it. Doing so with your internet service is simply a matter of removing costs that you don't need to pay, such as the monthly fee for your modem. Replacing the ISP modem with one you've purchased isn't without its upfront costs, but the long term savings will eventually result in the decision paying for itself.

Check out your ISP's website for details on modem type, model and specifications so you can start hunting through the options available in local retail stores, online vendors and internet auction sites. Focus on modems which are DOCSIS 3.0 compliant, as this newer standard will allow you to take advantage of higher broadband speeds. If the website itself doesn't detail specifications, or steps to swap your old modem for a new one, contact customer service to find out about limitations, and what you need to do.

Getting More for Your Money

Getting good value doesn't just mean paying less, especially when it comes to a service that is delivered by companies which normally offer multiple services. Do your research, and look at your current household bills, needs and future plans to identify areas where other products your ISP offers can provide a benefit. This is especially true of cable internet providers, which usually also offer phone and television services.

If you're really after the best possible deal, bundling services you already have, or are planning to get anyway, can save you some serious money. Likewise, heavy internet users should give consideration to unlimited service levels, to avoid overage charges associated with download caps. Both approaches will help you avoid paying twice for service you're already using anyway.

No one likes paying more money each month than they should,  for services they already use regularly. Rather than go through the hassle of switching providers to find a cheaper price, stay with an Internet service provider you know and have come to rely on. If you do so with value in mind, and you're willing to invest a little time and money, you'll come out on top.