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Fixing the Problem Quickly

Preparing A Consistent, Easy-To-Remember Game Server

by Arttu Salmi

The modern world of gaming has made interacting with friends easier than ever. You're no longer limited to a few players on a single gaming console or a group connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) for a LAN party; data centers, Internet storage centers and hosting services are available to create communities with hundreds or thousands of people ready to play on your personalized server. If you don't know what you need to make the server work, a few tips and technical points can help you understand the terms before purchasing services.

You Don't Need Your Own Hardware For The Server

Server design can be hard work. In addition to knowing all of the software configurations--which requires a lot of typing and a lot of search results--you need a physical system to run everything.

Servers generally have more hardware requirements than personal computers. This is because instead of running the operating system and programs that only react when you interact with them, a server is constantly processing information. Especially in modern games where artificial intelligence (AI) powers a game world that continues to evolve even when the players aren't around, there's a lot of ongoing activity that needs a powerful processor.

The server generally needs more memory than other systems. Every new player means a new list of files that must be handled multiple times per second; a frequency happening too often for a hard drive to search constantly. Instead of keeping your hard drive busy with that information, memory offers the information faster while being physically closer to the processor.

Getting these extra parts usually means spending a lot more money than a personal computer. You'll also need to maintain the machine, purchase replacements and work on upgrades.

With a dedicate virtual machine server, none of those concerns are your problem. You pay a fee in order to access a piece or a slot of computing power that matches what you need. Not sure how much you need? The server technicians can look at your game server, consider the number of players and give you a good estimate of how many resources you need. If it's too much or too little, you can adjust your level of service.

Pointing Everyone In The Right Direction

Game servers--like anything accessing the Internet, need an Internet Protocol (IT) address. Unfortunately, most residential services (and many business services) use what is called a dynamic IP address. The address changes periodically after a lease time expires and the device--such as your server--grabs a new address. 

Websites (or your game server) use a service called the Domain Name System (DNS) in order to convert that IP address into words that most computer users can understand. Unfortunately, the DNS server needs an IP address to convert, and if your address changes, your game players will be visiting the old address if you don't do something to control the address.

It's possible to purchase a dedicated (static) IP address in order to keep your game server on the same IP address. To go a step further, a virtual private network (VPN) can be setup between your home computer and the game server to make file transfers faster and to create a secure way to connect to the server.

Your computer can become part of the same network as the game server for security purposes, and your server becomes more safe by blocking any computers that aren't part of the VPN. Randomly browsing hackers won't be able to see the game server easily unless you bring it to their attention.

Contact a dedicated IP VPN professional to design your game server and a reliable address.